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Great story.


Such a great, tragic story.

jim caston

good tale stevo,I wish you would give us a call, 907 260 6520, we all miss yall!

jim caston

I cant seem to get this to work.jim

jim caston

ps never stop yory blog from a hospital, people may jump to the wrong conclusions, at least I hope they are wrong!


Hey Steve, Jim and all:

Don't know what the birdman comments are all about and hey? I lost a Brother and this is more of the what happened then I heard in the heat of it all. I don't know what your talking about releasing you on record, yet I do understand the crupt plea bar-gain system. I have no hard feelings from you guys and I don't blaim you for my Brother. What I do know is I don't have a DUI on my record but shouldn't have any of it, as you know and the evidence shows (Terry Rogers)I wasn't driving... Ron rest in peace almost dumped me off the back several times before I had him pull over, he got off and I slid up so he wouldn't drive anymore as I told you. I would have won with the right defence but I now know you guys all work together against me. As the public pretender you got your check from the state, not me. I like the blawg and hey, we all have a closet but I never (even on record) said I never got "pie eyed" as judge Torrrisi put it. Today I would never trade that night to anyone and hell, It was one of my last chances to party with my Brah! You got something to say about that? As for helping people for real in court, show me where I don't have that right!...Birdman^i^


P.S. The more I think about this I wonder about poor Chris Cooper? Why wasn't people following him to retrieve him when he got back on the Ice? The Ice where he was was thick enough to do that and use a say, flash light... We all make mistakes and as Ron might have made the fatal one, I wonder why Chris was neglected so long, wasn't it noon the next day when he was found? You say I was driving drunk across the tundra but we were on wood river rd, remember and as your "client" why wasn't I presumed innocent until proved guilty? The reason is you guys would have lost! I was innocent and the more I read your posts the more I know you at-toners in kahunas with the black robed at-toner accountants actually believe your right in how you operate!! At first when I read your words I was in shock and then the more I thought and read... the angrier I have gotten over this. Mental health personal helped you come to grips with it all? Hell they're more of you just getting paid for it, another circle of client brothers!!! You guys are so busy patting your selves on the back you lost reality, not by Chris and Ron's fate. I really don't know why you wrote this blawg but I know it wasn't for the same reason I help my friends who are sucked into the corrupt "Alaska Courts" equity machine. You think I don't know how you guys rob our posterity's futures? Fight a real challenge, give everyone you defend an aggressive defense. You can't say you did me right as I have my whole case, even the paper bone head Thompson wrote across that I refused to blow into self incrimination on my Miranda. So when the state bar-gained to drop the DUI for a no-contest on the refusal, how did I commit a crime. The judge had his dollar signs fogging up his glasses I think. Think about it...Birdman^i^

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