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Citizens making the effort to clean up criminal activity in their own neighborhood?

That would be terrible. Don't know that the Republic could survive such a blow.

Don't know how neighborhoods could survive without potheads either. Personally, I would get over any hardships caused by locking up potheads, with the knowlege that property values just went up.

Steve T.

I agree with most of the sentiment, except when it comes to the issue of neighbors.

Generally, neighbors are concerned about the smell of marijuana being detectable from their own property.

I live in an apartment, and I regularly have to close my windows because I am sensitive to second-hand cigarette smoke, and my downstairs neighbors smoke like chimneys. I put up with this because there's really nothing I can do about it legally (to my understanding). I would much less rather be exposed to marijuana smoke.

And I would bet my bottom dollar that if my state decriminalized the possession of 1lb of marijuana for "personal use" that dealers in my area would find a way to exploit that law to their advantage. How hard would it be to stash (no pun intended) the stuff in excess of 1lb somewhere else, and make junkies (uh, *clients*) bring their own baggies?

Steve T.

Oh, by the way, "shi'ite baptists" made me giggle. I'm going to incorporate that into my vocabulary.


What is marijuana doing on the same bill as methamphetamine in the first place? Just look at the impact the meth epidemic has had on this nation (and others) in the past decade. Compare that with the worldwide, rampant use of marijuana and its minimal effect on the health and crime in a community. Clearly, abuse can be an issue, but they are NOT EVEN COMPARABLE drugs.


wow! I understand the meth issues but marijuana? Ask any nurse, firefighter, medic and most will probably say if anything should be criminalized it's alcohol. anyone that has paid attention has seen alcohol destroy lives body and soul, and deeply affect those around them.

I have friendships with police officers and firefighters I know who smoke (surprised?) and though I don't anymore (honest) I don't worry about having those good folks protecting and serving. Better to see them occasionaly stoned over their vacation time then a regular drinker showing up on the trucks sweating out his late night whiskey socials

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