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Congrats on your decision and on all the great work you've done in that position! I hope your private practice thrives and provides all the opportunities you need. It'll be great to hear how things change for you with private practice.


Congrats on your decision.


Hooray for you, old man! Best wishes for the next phase.


Steve we will miss you, and I still want to know about the Alaska crime lab and DNA data.

Kevin O'Keefe

Thanks for sharing your story on the move to private practice. Wish more lawyers would be open in discussions like this. We'd probably have a better reputation.

Good luck on the move and enjoy a few more minutes with the kids.


Congratulations and good luck.

William Pentland


I love your blog and read it often. I'm a Manhattan "big firm" lawyer who feels desperately claustrophobic working on megacases for hyper- aggressive partners. If I were interested in applying for the job you're leaving, would I even be considered? Thanks for your posts. It gives all of big city fools a taste of what the world has to offer.

Best regards,
Bill Pentland


Good luck with your future endeavors! And enjoy the newfound time with the family.

Blonde Justice

Congrats and good luck! Can't wait to hear more about your new endeavors!


Woohoo! Congrats on your choice and we wish you the very best! I for one am looking forward to your legal blogging life in Private Practice ;)

Alaskan Law Student

Best of luck to you in private practice. Are you staying in AK?


Private practice was the best thing I ever did! Being your own boss and setting your own schedule spoils you for everything else. Make as much(or as little) money as you want, but quality of life is what counts. I am a new reader but enjoy your blog...keep blogging and best of luck from all the way over here on Long Island (NY).


Good luck as a private! You put in your time in public service, that's admirable, and I bet you won't forget what it is like to be a PD. If every talented lawyer did what you did, then we'd have no shortage of quality representation for the indigent.


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