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Good luck. Our jury deliberated for 14 hours before coming back with a verdict of guilty on involuntary manslaughter and not murder 1. Those may have been the longest 14 hours of my life.

We're sending good defense attorney vibes your way.


I never know whether congratulations are in order after a mistrial, but I imagine having to re-try the case will result in a little more "wine tasting."

David Feige

Good luck.
I know how hard this is, especially with such a young client.
Hang in there.
At least you've got a lot of good wine.

Frolics and Detours

Congrats on the hang!


Good work!

Alaskan Law Student

I'm heartened by the fact that the split went 10-2 for acquittal. Good job.


Hung jury. GOod job.

Jim Cottrell

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