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Blonde Justice

Congrats again!




You did a great job! 10-2 for acquittal is a fantastic result.

Here's hoping that Judge Collins gives a hard look at the MJOA. You've got a great shot, particularly on 1st. If the judge takes 1st and 2nd degree murder away due to a lack of evidence, maybe the state will offer time served for manslaughter before any retrial?


We're all clamoring for a copy of your closing argument.

I've been known to steal a phrase or two from NCDC myself!



Won't a manslaughter conviction still destroy her life?

I mean I'm all for her not going to jail (since she didn't do the crime), but conviction on any count means a life sentence

It just doesn't seem fair, but as you probably can tell, I'm pretty much not affiliated with the legal industry in any way (this is the closest I've come to an encounter with a lawyer).

Frolics and Detours

This is great. Congrats again! Good luck w/ your motion hearing.


Congratulations! I read about the case on the Court TV website, but had completely forgotten that it was your case. Good luck with your MJOA.

Scott Henson

Congratulations, and "lying sack of snitch" is an inspired phrase, wherever you stole it from!


A belated congratulations.

Alaskan Law Student

Just saw the news that the indictment has been thrown out. It's an incredible development! Why didn't the judge do this before the trial?


Is your brief online somewhere?

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