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Judy Crouse

That looks like the most depressing place in the US to live. And I thought York Pa was bad. Can’t even image walking up the stairs of the homes when your 60 years old with groceries. It even looks "cold and bleak in the photo's!
Better you than me.
Best regards, Judy


Hey man, we're still following along with your case and supporting you 100%. Thanks for the great case reference links too.

Wish I'd seen the Nancy Grace bit.

Alaskan Law Student

I am also following the trial as best I can in between classes and homework. I think you're doing a great job. I love Juneau despite the rain and stairs. You should see it on a sunny day in May. I hope the good people on this jury realize that this prosecution is a travesty and come to the only just result: not guilty!!!


The testimony from the trooper's daughter appears questionable. Keep in mind that if Rachelle had been weeping instead of being calm, the state would have claimed that 'she proved her guilt due to her obvious sadness over her role in the murder.' And that stuff about the troopers pressuring and lying to the two young men is so common, but I bet the jury is surprised.

Nancy Grace is a angry, angry woman, who has been mentioned specifically in three appeals cases. She's unethical and it is disturbing that she is the face of the legal system. Well, at least it should show Americans what sort of fanatic that are at times running the prosecutor's office.

David DiTucci

Nancy Grace is a drama queen who thinks that her wide eyed head tilt and "Star Magazine" style reporting is Great Journalism.

She is a candidate for Capital Punishment...for murdering a good story with her bad reporting!


I saw that your jury was out, and I just wanted to you know that your blawger friends are thinking about you. Good luck & hang in there!


Good luck! From an outsiders perspective, the case is fascinating. For an insider, I'm sure its an intellectual and emotional rollercoaster.

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