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Niki Raapana

Truer words were never spoken. I'm currently being charged with a Violation of Third Party Custodian, under the updated version of the law passed last year by the Alaska State Legislature. It doesn't matter that there is NO definition of the term Third Party Custodian in the Alaska Court glossary. It doesn't matter that there is NO definition of 24 hour "sight and sound" in the Alaska Court glossary. It doesn't matter that the 24 hour sight and soundbox wasn't checked on my agreement with the court. It doesn't matter that the Judge never gave me verbal instructions as to what 24 hour sight and sound entails. It doesn't matter that all the Judge did was threaten me with the new "law." It doesn't matter that the victim/witness against me has such a long (violent) criminal record that the public defenders' office and the other one could not defend me because they've defended her too many times. None of this matters.

What matters is that DA Kari Brady helped Gov Murkowski rewrite the "law" to provide for greater enforcement of the "law," and the City of Anchorage needs to establish precendent case law for the new "law."

The city produced an audio tape at the last trial call of my arrest "interview" which they claim proves I was aware of my "duties."

My recollection of my arrest is the cop said "you're under arrest" and I responded "no I'm not."

The expanded use of 3rd parties in Alaska is clearly an expansion of Eurpoean and UN Communitarian Law, especially since the theory for protecting "victims" is directly connected to the UN Beijing Conference on Women. I wish my attorney had the time to study Communitarian Law. I wish there were but one attorney in the entire U.S. who had the time to study Communitarian Law.

Anyway, trial call is Friday and it looks like we're going to trial next week. I'm just another guinea pig for the communitarian court and their new "community" police.


Keri Brady was`run out of the`prosecutors office`because`of the`chaos she`created there. This woman should be` arrested herself for complete lack of proffesional ethics.

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Don't know what is wrong what is rite but i know that every one has there own point of view and same goes to this one

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