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Sweeet Jeeezus! I dream of catching a Rainbow like that! Ours down here in Cali are usually about a 1lb at most and all planted. I really would have had to eat one of the rainbows though.

Oh, and welcome back to the blogging world.


Holy cow! I've never seen rainbows like that, unbelievable!

Truly does make ya salivate!

steven davies

Nice fishes.I see that you like go fishing.My favourite is the rainbow trout:)

Sam Clark

That is amazing...wow what a great trip and man those are some of the sweetest fish I have seen.

Hope all is well and you can take another trip soon

Melanie Daryl

Alaska is the best place to catch all kinds of fish. When we were there, there was so much salmon in the river that you can literally catch them by hand if you're fast enough. If not, you can use a spear of a stick. There were so many of them it's an almost guaranteed catch every time you speared the water.

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