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Good for you! How are the people in your section? Who are some of your instructors? Which one of the four case problems did you draw? (assuming they still do that)(my group had State v. Kichens, the battered woman defense)

Best, most memorable CLE, period.

J.H. "Skelly"
NCDC July 1998, Section D


I've got 8 people in my section, counting myself. Wound up in section C, doing the Kitchens problem as well. That's interesting because I just did a case involving a potentially battered woman. I just got another homicide in which we are going to be looking at that as a defense as well.

The people in my group are really good. I have watched us ovver the last four days really grow, grow as a group and grow in legal skills. I cannot describe just how much I am enjoying this. I will try to post later, but I don't know how much time I will have.


I tried to warn you about the weather... glad to hear you're having a good time!

David Feige

Funny, I was trying to decide just a few days ago whether to schlep down there again (I've been on the faculty for several years) and seeing this post made me remember why I go every year.

Sorry I won't get to meet you--I'm going second week July.
Second week is hard--you'll have been there a while and it often starts to feel old.. but stick with it.
Poor sweet Vonnie...
All the best,


Hey, Vonnie only did what she had to do! In the mountain time zone and elsewhere, it's the That Man Needed Killin' defense. Good-bye Earl! (or whatever his name was). "Beaten, Bruised, Battered - Finally Fought Back" was the partial Kitchens trilogy I came up with back then. Got my first hit of Pozner & Dodd -style cross in Macon too. Addictive stuff.

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