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A lawyer with political motivations? That's absurd. A prosecutor who agressively prosecutes? The circuit courts need to take a much tougher stand against this abuse.

Of course motivations are only political if they don't coincide with our own.


I do agree that prosecutors get away with a lot of misconduct without being called out on it by name. Even in cases where the person gets let out due to a bad case, there's no "bad mr. Harry Smith for playing dirty pool" and it sucks.

Also, what about the chronic overzealous, dirty pool prosecutor? How are we (or society) going to know who that person is and try to get that person admonished with some sort of malpractice smack. In theory, prosecutors are supposed to be balanced and have the option of throwing cases out. (I don't have it in front of me, I'm sure you could mention more) All of this is listed in the professional responsibility rules. without mentioning the person's name, it makes it harder to see the violations of professional responsibility. I mean I personally would like to know if attorney X has played fast and loose with evidence such as Brady violations etc.

But at least this Nancy person isn't practicing anymore. Whew.

David Bird

As long as prosecutors continue to enjoy nearly complete immunity from sanctions in the U.S., defendants will often get less than a fair trial. Prosecutors like Nancy Grace know full well that once they get a conviction (by whatever means) the burden of proof changes. Appeals courts usually uphold the verdict, declaring even the most blatant prosecutorial misconduct to be "harmless error".
You might remember that in one of the rare cases in which a Texas appeals court did overturn a verdict, Nancy Grace was outraged, calling the flagrant perjury of the prosecution's psychiatric expert in the Yates' trial a "harmless error". For once, even Nancy's most submissive sidekicks disagreed with her on that one.
With the pressure to "win" and near complete immunity from either criminal or civil sanction, I'm surprised there aren't even more prosecutors out there like Nancy Grace.

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